13 years after the Rozz Williams gig i attended in Bordeaux, the reunited Christian Death 1334 with Eva O on vocals stopped by Paris on novemeber 29th 2007. Previously planned in Rouen, the date was cancelled two days before, then relocated in Paris at the Locomotive Club.
Not much people, which is rather sad for an event like that in Paris. Is there no more people interested in concert these days ?

Openers was Rosa Crux. Third time I saw them. This time with a choral, and complex texture of sounds. Very evocative. And they made a surprising Christian Death cover (Stairs).

Then Eva O and the boys. Solid and strong deathrock sound, direct and tight. Surely the closest incarnation to the early Christian Death. The feeling was there. James Mc Gearty, awesome, played bass as if he never left the band.

They played all of Only Theatre Of Pain (except Prayer) followed by Deathwish, Desperate Hell, Sleepwalk and Dogs.

Rikk (just after Desperate Hell) : Do you know why i wrote this song ?
Us : No, why why?
Rikk : I don't know why !

Eva mentionned Dogs as her favorite Christian Death song ever, for 'particular' reasons.

To be continued ?

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