Sounds, 14 April 1984

Christian Death/ Band of Outsiders/ Certain General

Live at The Batcave

Three bands from our ally (Ha!) America — and three bands making their debut over here. Band Of Outsiders and Certain General are two of the most refreshing bands to emerge from the Rotten Apple for along time. Despite a dodgy sound, they demonstrated that there are still bands around that can deliver the goods without the usual accoutrements of cheekbone image.
Both have the sort af rag-assed panache beloved by all those who still clasp their Velvet LPs close to their groin. Strong on tunes, energy and power; they might not be known at the moment but with performances like this, and a glittering debut LP, they will be soon.
Christian Death weren't really what l'd expected. Thankfully! I was dreading the appearance of another group of myopic visionaries, a million crucifixes and seen-it-all-befores waving in an old breeze. But despite the name, Death don't have much in common with the rest of the Gothic glumbies. A tight, punchy set with hard and monotonous vocals hovering over the top.
And back to the crowd. The Batcave was dripping, with faces from quite a long way away come to catch their anti-heroes. Its definitely not the best venue for a band to play, especially for their first time. I was confidently assured that no-one ever jumps up and down to bands here; but they were tonight!
And so, back to the band again. They might have had to put off their show last week because of a sudden birth (surely not unexpected?) in the group, but it didn't show tonight. Some of the new sangs didn't came up to the standard of those featured on the LPs, but you shouldn't complain when they blow away most of their contemporaries who fester in the same market.
Christian Death: refreshes those parts other gothic zombies creep away from...


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