20 october 2010 +++ ROZZ WILLIAMS BOOK OUT NOW !

Le Theatre des Douleurs - And What About The Bells?

+ 442 pages, black and white, softcover book
+ Biography with exclusive pictures, documents and interviews by Sébastien Michaud
+ Exclusive Rozz Williams writings and poetry compiled by Ryan Wildstar
+ Complete discography and gigography

Here are the words from Ryan:

Dearest Friends,

It is with an enormous amount of joy and pride, co-mingled with relief and extreme catharsis, that I write to you today to tell you that the book I have been working on for over 6 years, the poetry of Rozz Williams, And What About the Bells? was finally published.

While I know that many of you Anglophones may be hindered by the first part of the book, which is a French language biography filled with exclusive interviews with many of the most intimate people in Rozz’s life, the second half of the book contains a book of poems (published in English, with an accompanying French translation) entitled “And What About the Bells?”

This was a labor of love to honor the writing of my friend, and I cannot wait for all of you to discover for the first time the brilliant poetry of Rozz Williams. So often in his life he was disappointed to be seen only as a singer when he had such a great desire to be seen as a poet, a published writer.

This is my gift, my promise fullfilled, to an inimitable artist, my brother, who forever changed my life. Please enjoy the incredible poetry of Rozz Williams.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this project over the many years of editing, translation, and publication. As a side note, I would like to add that the royalties of this project have been designated to Rozz’s mother, Gladys Painter.

Ryan Wildstar.

More details on the book on the history section !
The book is available on www.camionblanc.com

01 april 2010
> The Lost Recordings / Malaise Music website now launched !

Malaise Music is proud to announce today the birth of its website http://malaisemusic.com !!

The site provides everything about the late and forthcomming Rozz Williams 's Lost Recordings series: with exclusive infos, stories, reviews, photos, audios excerpts. We hope you'll like it as we liked to make it for you tohearthingsasclearaspossible !

The site will of course evolve, as the serie will grows. so check back often, and we'd love to hear feedback from all of you.

23 december 2009
> Rozz Williams: The Lost Recordings

Rozz' Williams old lost 'experimental' recordings are now on a major rework for a serie of upcoming releases in 2010-2011 !!!

The project is coordinated by John Collins. Now let him tell us all about it:

"I have been a Rozz fan and collector since 1988, and bought most of the cassettes from Chuck Collison's Happiest Place on Earth label during the time it was in business (I think there was only 4 or 5 that I didn't buy, which I bitterly regret now with the benefit of hindsight).
At the end of 2008, Ryan Gaumer contacted me and offered to sell me his share of Rozz's original, unreleased Premature Ejaculation cassettes. He knew that not only was I a very keen collector, but that I am a major contributer of material to the official Rozz site, Rozznet. As such, he believed that I would not only treasure these valued cassettes, but also be in a position to make the music available for all other fans to hear.

While making initial investigations, a further eight original cassettes have also been located and are now with Ron Marrs, the Rozznet webmaster. Like Ryan, Ron has confirmed that he is more than happy for those recordings to be included in the project.I have also contacted Chuck regarding my plans and he has given me his full support for the project, and permission to include those particular HPOE releases that featured Rozz. The remaining titles are sourced from copies made by my good friend Andreas Hofmann from Rozz's original tapes. Those original tapes have not been located.

A lot of the PE and Heltir material has not been released before. I know that there have been attempts in the past to release some of this rare material though Malaise Media and Malaise Music but without success. I realise that it is impossible to please everybody, but my intentions on this are real and sincere. I like the idea of calling this Rozz Williams - The Lost Recordings, and it will just feature Rozz's 'experimental' projects.
This is not be in any way a business or commercial venture. In effect it is a fan project with the purpose of making a professional quality product of Rozz's long lost PE and Heltir tapes for those who have always wanted to hear them. There will not be any real mass promotion and of course all material that has been sold commercially will not be included in the project.
The material is to be remastered with each cd professional pressed. The original cassette sleeves (where they exist) will be modified to fit standard jewel cd cases and each will be professionally printed. We are sourcing all material from Rozz's original cassettes, where available, otherwise using first generation copies.

The only charge will be for the cd or dvd tself, the production of each cd or dvd, the printing of the artwork, the cd cases and shipping costs. There will be no mark up to include any element of profit.
My sole intention is to make available this long lost material to those who want to hear it.
Being such a fan and collector, I can assure you that there is a great attention to detail in the remastering and restoring processes, and I feel very happy to help make these historic lost recordings available for fans to hear".

John Collins.

The whole project can be followed on www.myspace.com/htoemusicpage
Here's a previsional schedule

January 2010 ::: Premature Ejaculation - Part 1 / Premature Ejaculation - Part 2
February 2010 ::: A Little Hard to Swallow (2CD)
March 2010 ::: Living Monstrosities/Descent / Dead Horse Riddles
April 2010 ::: Body of a Crow / Death Cultures
May 2010 ::: Rise / Warning
June 2010 ::: Premature Ejaculation - Part 3 / Premature Ejaculation - Part 4
July 2010 ::: Live at the Graduate
August 2010 ::: We May Owe You More Than an Apology / Il Banchetto dei Cancri
September 2010 ::: Death Cultures II / III (2CD)
October 2010 ::: Re-Assertive Discipline/Assertive Discipline (Mix II) (2CD)
November 2010 ::: Blood Told in Spine
December 2010 ::: Night Sweats / VC-706

January 2011 ::: Ogunn / Tod und Sieg
February 2011 ::: Not the Real Criminal (DVD)
March 2011 ::: Pulse (DVD/CD)
April 2011 ::: TBC
May 2011 ::: Is Truth a Crime? (DVD)
June 2011 ::: Environments / 69 Rituals
July 2011 ::: TBC
August 2011 ::: Dead in Toronto / 6

27 october 2009 > Catastrophe Ballet & Ashes re-releases
French/US label
Season of Mist plan to release all Christian Death (tm = the ones owned by Valor Kand) catalogue "remastered with bonus unreleaesd tracks and restaured artwork". 'Catastrophe Ballet' (SOM 197) was then issued in march, and 'Ashes' (SOM 209) was out since september 2009.

Unfortunately nothing very serious done here, nor essential. Disapointing. These two albums deserves a much better treatment.

The "restaured artwork"... is basically a mix between old and some new stuff (ie the cross logo is still here and there) which has more to do with the recents releases from Cleopatra or Candlelight than a restaured original artwork. Poor job done. At least, every musician is credited.

The remastering... sounds louder and clear, but, was simply a rip of all the tracks from the first CD releases and some EQs and compressions works done, and that's it. Enjoyable, but can we call this a remaster?

Then, the unreleased tracks... Beneath his Widow on Catastrophe Ballet (totally misplaced here at the start of the album) is actually an entirely recent instrumental new piece done by Valor which uses an edited Rozz vocal layered over. On Ashes, the track is called Before The Rain, and is strangely placed before the last track 'Of The Wound', which is really annoying, disturbing the balance of the whole original album. And again, this is a new instrumental piece done by Valor with some Rozz voices sampled and edited on it.

Coming next is "Hollywood Years" the first concert with Rozz and Valor... We'll see what would happen here.

Catastrohe Ballet and Ashes reissues on Discogs.com


21 october 2009 > Gitane Demone / The Crystelles
The Crystelles are Gitane Demone (vocals, guitar), Zara Kand (drums) and Troy (bass).

In 2005 they recorded a 3 tracks demo called Dirty Swamp. This unmastered Cdr self-release comes in a slimcase and was recorded at The Distillery, Costa Mesa, California (on analogue tapes for xtra pleasure). In 2007, Ascension magazine #17 included the track 'Deadmen Town' on their cd-sampler. A debut LP should be released in near future.

The Crystelles are currently doing a few dates in California. Check the band's myspace page here: www.myspace.com/thecrystelles

Youtube provides videos excerpts from various Crystelles gigs. Try this one.

Last spring, Gitane Demone did an european tour with the help of the Crystelles line-up and with Kenton H. (Faith and The Muse, 45 Grave) on guitars. Gitane performed a 'retrospective' of her musical career, stemming back to her days with Christian Death to her current band, The Crystelles.

The spring 2009 tourdates:
26.04 Torino, Debian Cafe IT
27.03 Vicenza Totem Club IT
28.03 Prato Exenzia Club IT
30.03 Paris, Le Klub F
31.03 Nürnberg, Cult D
01.04 Frankfurt, The Cave D
02.04 Wien, Replugged A
04.04 Berlin, The Dot D
06.04 Leipzig, The Liwi D
07.04 Barcelona, La 2 de Apolo SP

05 october 2009 > Gitane Demone : Life After Death

Out since November 4, 2008, Life After Death is the first Gitane Demone official DVD. Regarded by journalists as “Madonna’s naughtier underground cousin” for her blonde bombshell looks and a penchant for erotic/fetish dress and lyricism, Gitane Demone has always been acclaimed worldwide for her stylistic, jazzy vocals and songwriting skills. After leaving the group Christian Death in 1989 Gitane pursued her own career. This rare footage (1989-1998) covers live concerts throughout Europe, fetish performances for DeMask and Skin Two, Television Interviews, and live duets with long time collaborator Rozz Williams (Christian Death).

This limited edition 2DVD of 2500 copies includes the free bonus CD, “Times,” featuring unreleased cover songs, and a 12 page booklet containing personal memoirs penned by Gitane Demone.

Disc 1
• VPRO, Dutch Television 1991
• Mazzo, Amsterdam, Holland 1989
• AT5, Dutch Television 1992
• VPRO Radio, Holland 1993
• ISC Club, Bern, Switzerland 1993
• Indie Tour, Querfurt, Germany 1995

Disc 2
• A Heavenly Melancholy video clip 1991
• Skin Two, UK 1992
• Fetish Generation, Denmark 1995
• Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone Dream Home Heartache Tour, Bochum Zwischenfall 13/04/95 :
Time/ The Pope's Egg Hat/ A World Apart/ In Every Dream Home A Heartache/ Flowers/ Moon Without A Tear/ Lead Us Not.
• Christian Death : Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone, London, Astoria II 29/04/96 :
Spiritual Cramp/ Cervix Couch/ Lament/ The Luxury Of Tears/ Ashes/ Cavity – First Communion/ Sleepwalk.
• Kato, Berlin 1998

Color/B&W. Europe. 1989-1998. Director: Nico B, Andreas Hoffman, various.
From the Original HI8 and VHS Tapes.
(3 DISC DIGIPACK) 2XDVD/1xCD. 210 Minutes / 40 Minutes. Video Full Screen 4x3
A Cult Epics Release DVD067

View two excerpt from the DVD on Youtube : Ashes and Cavity (First Communion)
Rare and Oop DVD review

DVD Holocaust review

You can order the DVD on Amazon

30 september 2009 > Trials and tribulations

Sorry for being inactive here for so long, but, you know sometimes it's busy, and things happens. In the meantime, 2009 is here, and in december, The Blue Hour will be 10 years old, already. But first some updates on what happened last months.

The Black Box
Sad, but the project initially thought by Constance is cancelled... for now.
She is still planning to release her book in another form. News and details will be posted here when available.

CD 1334
As previously said a few lines under, the CD1334 gig previousy planned in Leipzig last year, then cancelled, then rescheduled, actually happened on may 12, 2008, but without James Mc Gearty. And Valor learned to fly at this occasion too. Since then, no sign of a DVD (there was an announcement and still a trailer on youtube) or whatever.

Ascencion magazine #18 (Spring 2008): Rozz Williams issue.
The italian magazine made a special 10 pages article for the 10th anniversary of Rozz Williams death, with participation of Gitane Demone, Dinah Cancer, Stevyn Grey, Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo plus an incredible biography by max1334.

Ascension is a 80 pages magazine about gothic, deathrock, industrial, neofolk, electro and alternative music, with interviews and lots of reviews. All in italian.

Only Theatre of Pain remastered
Seventeen did it on vinyl in 2007. It was then announced it will be released in CD digipack version. But again, no news still..

Only Theatre of Pain : The french tribute !
The tribute to Only Theatre of Pain is out since october 2008! 13 french bands covering the classic album.
"A superb joint effort from all involved, bringing some unexpected slants into play but always with the best of intentions and giving the overall collection a bracing modern finish. Wonderful to hear." wrote Mick Mercer. Here's the complete

1. Cavity-first communion (Jacquy Bitch)
2. Figurative theatre (Ainsophaur)
3. Burnt Offerings (No tears)
4. Mysterium Iniquitatis (Deadchovsky)
5. Dream for mother (Excès Nocturne)
6. Stairs - Uncertain journey (Rosa Crux)
7. Spiritual Cramp (De Volanges)
8. Romeo's distress (Noctule Sorix)
9. Resurrection - Sixth communion (Alien Marteens)
10. Prayer (Skeletal Family)
11. Deathwish (Violet Stigmata)
12. Dogs (Comédie macabre)
13. Desperate hell (Terrill)

You can order the cd online on Alone Prod website:

A must read !!
I highly recommand the Lazarus Corporation website. Art and Noise indeed.
Zenon Gradkowski presents here a definitive history of the Rozz Williams noise unit Premature Ejaculation, including interviews with Ron Athey and Erik S. Freeman. And there is an interresting interview with Omewenne about Happiest Tapes on Earth 'HTOE' label, her music and Rozz

Also, i found on the Chokebore website, a french interview of the talented drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo (from Tragic Media #4 november 2000) telling how he was involved in Shadow Project, Daucus Karota and EXP. Read it here !

21 March 2008 > Constance's Black Box !
Constance's book entitled 'Black Box' is about the six months she spent with the band in 1983-84 and is being published as a limited edition collectors item complete with previously unseen photos and other memorabilia. Here are her words:

Dear Fans, Friends and Collectors of Rozz Williams and 'Early Christian Death',

My name is Constance Redgrave and I was the bass player from the Catastrophe Ballet album and tour of November 1983 to June 1984. I was that blond, white skinned girl that shows up in those old photographs, but strangely not in the album's later writing credits or even in the music credits on some websites. I was left behind in Paris, stranded by the powers that controlled that band, alone and broken, with no money to get back to Hollywood.

I went to London, built a new life and for the sake of my sanity and survival, I took everything connected to that tour and shut it up in a beat-up leather suitcase. I have slept with it's breathing under my bed, unopened and deliberately ignored, for over twenty years.

In 2005, I began to receive emails from people wanting to know my story. What happened on that tour? What do I remember about Rozz Williams and the others? Who was I then and who am I know? I decided it was time to honour that musician that I loved so dearly all those years ago, open that suitcase and morph it into something that I could hold on to, embrace and share with those people that seemed to feel the same way I do. That the artist genius Rozz Williams is greatly missed and deserves a place of honour in the annuls of music history.

I have spent the last two and a half years writing, drawing, screaming, crying, singing, and raging my way towards this goal. I have now created my beautiful Black Box of Dark Things. It is a piece of my history, embraced and protected. I am a stronger artist for the process and I now know that when I am gone, the story will exist someplace outside of my head and under my bed. The rumbling in that suitcase is now finally quiet. The diary and my photographs, ripped press cuttings, posters, cassette tapes, stage clothes and a single vinyl album have been properly recalled, preserved, interpreted and chronicled. I am happy with its quality and content, and know that it does justice to both Rozz and my parts of that story.

On this the tenth anniversary of Rozz Williams's death and the twenty-fifth anniversary of my joining his band, I make you this offer. If I get 334 presales at £75 each (about $150 US) of my Black Box, I will have 1334, numbered, high quality copies manufactured and take my chances that there are another 1000 people out there who will buy the rest. I can always build a new bed out of them if there aren't. The website www.ablackbox.net goes up on April 1st.

My thanks go out to all of you who have been so supportive over the last few years, and in particular to John Collins. The demons are finally silent and I sleep much better.

Constance Redgrave

Black Box contains over 200 largely unseen images, my written memoire in a hard back cover with an interchangeable window and a set of eight photographic prints, six black envelopes containing a genuine relic piece of stage clothing, a replica 1984 tour poster, a replica copy of the original booklet from the album, a set of 18 art cards, a personally made CD and a DVD and a numbered and signed letter of authenticity, More information will be posted on www.ablackbox.net.

20 march 2008 > Christian Death 1334
final show !
Sad, but Christian Death 1334 will not play in Leipzig Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig next May...
The next show announced as 'the final show' will take place in Mexico on March 29th at the venue 'El Real Under'.
James McGearty will not be performing at this show. www.theunder.org

27 november 2007 > Christian Death 1334 in Europe, France, Paris, but not Rouen.
As you all probably know, Christian Death 1334 is touring by now. In 2 days they will hit Paris.
The Rouen concert at the Exo 7 Club (a place where Rozz and Christian Death played in 1984)
on november 29th was (first cancelled, then) relocated a few hours ago to Paris due to poor presales !! The tickets are only available directly at the venue.

More on Paris gig: http://www.myspace.com/lesnuitsdarkritual

So far here are the toudates...

12.11. LOS ANGELES Knitting Factory
16.11. SINT-NIKLAAS (JOC Kompas) B + Popoi Sdioh
17.11. ROTTERDAM (Baroug) NL
18.11. ARNHEM (Willemeen) NL + Fertile Reality
19.11. HAMBURG (Hafenklang)
20.11. BERLIN (K17)
21.11. FRANKFURT (Nachtleben) + Gates of Dawn
22.11. FREIBURG (Walfisch)
23.11. MILAN (Garage) I
24.11. BOURG EN BRESSE (La Tannerie) F + Eat Your Make Up
25.11. MARSEILLE (Poste a Galene) F
28.11. BOCHUM (Zwischenfall) + Jacquy Bitch
29.11. PARIS (La Loco) F + Rosa Crux
30.11. MADRID (Sala Caracol) E + Eyaculación Post Mortem
01.12. LISBON (Caixa Economica Operaria) P

Stay updated here:


15 september 2007 > Obskure Opus #1
Out since last june, Obskure, Opus #1 chroniques des musiques sombres (dark music chronicles) is a project from the french webzine Obskure. Summary : The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Diamanda Galas, Fields of The Nephilim, Morthem Vlade Art, Olen'k, and... Christian Death.

No less than 60 pages covering the band's history from the beginning to now, fully illustrated with many many exclusive black and white pictures (those from London 1984 at the Batcave are jewels - thanks to Mick Mercer...), the whole divided in two parts : the Rozz years - a biography covering also his other projects - including an exclusive interview from 1994, and the Valor years - with extracts from recent interviews from David Glass, William Faith and Valor.

So far it's a serious and nice effort (even if it's not 100% accurate on a couple of things) to tell the tumultuous Christian Death saga and what's left. Very recommanded.

The book is 264 pages, softcover, in french language.

Links :


01 july 2007 > Deathrock Magazine #1
This brand new magazine from the US just cames out this month and the first issue includes a huge and special 30 pages focuses on 25 years of Christian Death and Rozz Williams !

First, interviews with Eva O and Gitane Demone with in depth review and remembrance of how everything started from Christian Death to Shadow Project and beyond...
Then, the compiled exclusive introduction "In Absentia" written by Ryan Wildstar (to his forthcoming book "And what about the bells?"), which is a touching and intimate look into Rozz years during the nineties. Ryan was Rozz's roomate from 1995 to 1998, and they planned together at the time to start their own publish press, print and distribute their own poetry. Hopefully, it could happen soon as the book should be out in 2008 and should presents both Ryan and Rozz poems and writings.

Also, a couple of rare pictures of Rozz, Eva and Gitane are included in the mag along articles feature Steven Severin and The Glove, Kalifornian deathrock, Kommunity FK, Faith and the Muse, Mephisto Walz, Scarlet's Remains, Frankenstein and more...

Check the site for ordering details.

19 june 2007 > Still...
Frontier Records has released recently a special limited edition Only Theatre of Pain "Silver Anniversary" LP. Limited to 1000 copies on clear vinyl with a black and silver cover, it's only available from Frontier website. www.frontierrecords.com

Meanwhile, Seventeen Records stated some delay on the remastered Only Theatre of Pain LP as they "were not satisfied with the layout of the inside sleeve (which reprints the original booklet from the l'Invitation au Suicide issue, the english language part), so we are redoing it right now". Also they finally signed a new deal with distributor PIAS, so this release will be available in the shops finally !

5 april 2007 > Rozznet rebirh !

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Rozz's passing, RozzNet was relaunched on april 1st.
The new site has been completely re-designed in Flash by the talented Haloe. Rozznet is also planning a PE single release later this year in commemoration of the website 10th year on-line.

5 april 2007 > Only Theatre of Pain red and remastered...
Only Theatre of Pain remasterd LP red vinyl (ST-LP 004) will be out on april 25th.
The first 500 copies will feature the original IAS french artwork. All subsequent pressings will feature the original regular Rozz Williams drawn artwork.
You can already order it online on Seventeen website. If you live in the USA, you might hold on and get it through Frontier records website, they will have about a third of the pressing available, and shipping will probably be much cheaper. But they might all be gone fast...

The digipack CD is scheduled on july 2007. It will includes the original american cover, a booklet with lyrics, liner notes, rare pictures etc. Seventeen records is still working on it.


7 march 2007 > Christian Death 1334 plays live next month.
From one page to another, here is the story so far...

Concerts :
Rikk Agnew talked a possible date for the band debut appearence live. "Our coming out will be on the friday 13th april at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. After an american tour and an european tour could beguin in spring or summer..."

In fact, the band did already a kind of test gig last month, on february 24th. "After a long day of rehearsal we were invited to a party in Silver Lake where other live bands playing. After a brief conversation with the owners of the house we were welcomed with open arms to crash the stage. We played a short set of the following songs that night :
Spiritual Cramp
Death wish
Romeo's distress

The band's on the process :
"Our new material will consist of songs that were put aside before and after Only Theater of Pain. In addition to other fragments of Rikk and James' demented minds."

"February also gave birth to our first new original entitled Rites. Rites embodies a myriad of musical periods with bass riffs from a never released Christian Death track (an early version of "Awake at the wall") combined with bone crunching power chords from an early incarnation of Darkus Korata and lastly some dark bridges and guitar textures added by Mz. Eva O and Rikk."

All the infos are from www.myspace.com/christiandeath1334europe (thanx LN for setting this page) and be sure to check the band pictures on the blog section.

27 february 2007 > Christian Death 1334 !
The Christian Death reformation takes some new shapes... as Christian Death 1334.

Yet another new line-up is set. Eva, Rikk and James are joined by Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo (on drums), Jaime Pina (guitars) and Le'Rue Delashay (keyboards). George Belanger is no more included in the project now.
The band still rehearse while we stand still...

Christian Death 1334 have new myspace pages :

27 february 2007 > Colored Vinyl again
Frontier still reissues Only Theatre of Pain on vinyl in two new colors. Clear vinyl (with black and white sleeve) and red opaque vinyl (with black and gold sleeve). You can order it directly from Frontier website : www.frontierrecords.com


25 february 2007 > It's only theatre of pain !
As i mentionned some weeks ago, 25 is the number this march.
Only Theatre Of Pain, the first Christian Death album have 25 years, and Seventeen Records have plans to celebrate it !

Here is the Seventeen press release :

In association with Lisa Fancher at Frontier Records, Seventeen Records is reissuing worlwide in march 2007 the classic Christian Death album from 1982 Only Theatre Of Pain on both CD and vinyl LP. The vinyl will come out in a combination of red and black copies.

This album will be a 25th anniversary edition, remastered for the first time since the original CD issue. We are remastering this month, mastering will be done by french producer / remasterer Big Zak, who does all Seventeen releases.
The digipack package will feature, as the original CD and LP, Rozz Williams original artwork, while the french artwork will be included in the digipack folder.

Track listing

Cavity - First Communion
Figurative Theatre
Burnt Offerings
Mysterium Iniquitatis
Dream For Mother
Stairs - Uncertain Journey
Spiritual Cramp
Romeo's Distress
Resurrection - Sixth Communion
Romeo's Distress (version)*
Desperate Hell*
Spiritual Cramp (version)*
Cavity (version)*

* Bonus tracks (CD only)

USA distribution will be assured by Frontier Records, while we will do the french / european distro. Sleeve will be the same as you know already, but with different colors.

More infos :



03 november 2006 > april 1984...
There are some great posed and live photos from London, April 1984 in The Mick #29 the latest edition of Mick Mercer's online 'zine. http://www.mickmercer.com/themick.html
Here is the direct link : http://www.mickmercer.com/pdfs/the_mick_29.pdf

Also, very interresting, is a recent interview with Constance Redgrave (Christian Death bassist from late 1983 to may 1984) who put some lights on her days with the band, and the process of recording Catastrophe Ballet. The interview is in Italian and can be found here : http://www.erbadellastrega.it/letture/interviste/constanceredgrave.html

17 october 2006 > Christian Death line up revealed !
This is it... unveiled... Evil O aka Mz Eva Ortiz : vocals & guitars + Rikk Agnew : guitars + James Mc Gearty : bass + George Belanger : drums + Jaime Pina : guitars.
This is almost the same line-up that came in 1981... 25 years ago. And 25 is a number i will tell you about in a few weeks. Stay tuned...


9 october 2006 > Death ? What death ?
George Belanger, Christian Death's original drummer, announces on his myspace page the resurrection of Christian Death !!
"Yes it's true... We are in he process of writing a new studio album with new material... We are in the process of making new, official CD merchandise at the requests of all of you... The line up is set, however I will not tell you who everyone is as of yet ... I promise you will be pleased.... We have photos to do with Edward Colver and all sorts of fun stuff.... We are puting together a list of songs to play live... Thats right LIVE."

All started in mid-september. George stated his intention to reform the band for touring and finishing some of the songs the band recorded years ago.
The process seems now to be on its way. So check the blog for updates about this...www.myspace.com/originalchristiandeath

13 december 2005 > Map 1334
Frappr! website provides some amazing interactive maps. I was curious about it and created one, the map 1334, for all Rozz followers and fans. Feel free to join and say hello !

13 december 2005 > Colored Vinyl !
Another nice item for the end of 2005, the re-release of the classic 1rst Christian Death album Only Theatre of Pain, in orange-clear colored vinyl. The sleeve is white on black version. Nice job from Frontier Records. You can order it directly from Frontier website : www.frontierrecords.com

12 december 2005 > Death Club
It was finally released last month by Cleopatra (Navarre is the distributor), and i received it today. Note the artwork cover changed since last time. By the way, it's a nice designed compilation. The booklet especially includes liner notes by Dave Thompson, lot of pictures (a couple never seen before), different documents (flyers, tickets), tracklists and credits.
Apart from classics Christian Death songs from Rozz's era, the cd includes "This Mirage" only available previously on 'The Black Bible', a 4
cd compilation released in 1998 by Cleopatra.

DVD have the complete performance of Christian Death Live reunion show (with Rikk Agnew and Eva O.)
in Phoenix on january 14, 1990 and the very rare footage from TV Media Blitz from 1984.

Death Club 1981-1993 (CLP 1453)

Disc 1 CD
1. Dogs from Deathwish
2. Deathwish from Deathwish
3. Cavity - First Communion from Only Theatre of Pain
4. Romeo's Distress from Only Theatre of Pain
5. Cervix Couch from Catastrophe Ballet
6. The Drowning from Catastophe Ballet
7. Ashes from Ashes
8. The Luxury of Tears from Ashes
9. Spectre from Invocations
10. Haloes from Invocations
11. This Mirage
12. The Angels (Cruciform) from The Path of Sorrows
13. Venus In Furs from The Path of Sorrows
14. Psalm (Maggots Lair) from The Path of Sorrows
15. Interview with Rozz

Disc 2 DVD
Christian Death Live Reunion show : 14/01/1990 Pheonix, AZ
Semi-professional mutli-angle film. Region Code 0 (all regions).

01. Intro
02. Cavity - First Communion
03. Figurative Theatre
04. Burnt Offerings
05. Dodo (listed Untitled)
06. Mysterium Iniquitatis
07. Dream For Mother
08. Spiritual Cramp
09. Romeo's Distress
10. Resurrection - Sixth Communion
11. Deathwish
12. Sleepwalk
13. Dogs
+ TV Media Blitz and interviews.


31 july 2005
> Christian Death CD and DVD on its way !!
This summer is definately Rozz ! Just right after the release of Shadow Project DVD this month, here comes a "new" Christian Death / Rozz compilation CD+DVD entitled Death Club : Best Of Rozz Williams 1981-93.
David Glass is at the origin of this project. Release date is not yet announced clearly (august 23 or september 13 ?), and is this Cleopatra or the mysterious Navarre records which is releasing this? Answers and more details soon.


07 june 2005 > Shadow Project original demos on CD !
Dark Dimensions, a German label, has released a MCD entitled The Original Shadow Project. It is a 1000 copies
limited edition.

Well, not quite totally new, as it is some early Shadow Project demos material, but nonetheless worth purchasing. The sound is perfect, as it is from the master tape. Line up for this recording was : Rozz, Eva O, David Glass and Johann Schumann. It was recorded in 1988 in San Francisco.

Tracklist : When The Heart Breaks, Working On Beyond, Lying Deep, Holy Hell, Death Plays His Role, Penny In The Bucket + a short interview.

Catalogue number : AIW 136
Release date : 17 May 2005
Price 8,50 Euros.
Here is a link to order it.

07 june 2005 > Shadow Project DVD !! And then there was Death.
At last, the wait is over ! Music Video Distributors and Cleopatra Records are pleased to announce the release of Shadow Project "And then there was Death" on DVD. It is scheduled for July 12, 2005.

Recorded live at various venues in the 90s, songs include:
Here and There, Zaned People, Death Plays His Role, Static Jesus, Holy Hell, Holding You Close, Under Your Wing, Holy Holy.
Bonus Features: Rare Interviews and Spoken Word Performances.

60 minutes -
Audio: 5.1 - Region 0.
Catalogue number : DR-4451.
Check it out on www.musicvideodistributors.com

29 july 2003
> The Land of Rozz
Finally there is a new (and beautifully designed) discussion board entitled The Land of Rozz.
Join it !
Also, 2 more reviews on Accept the gift of sin here and there (en français)

17 may 2003 > Accept the gift of sin reviewed
Found 2 short reviews :

02 april 2003
> ...and yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of Rozz's passing...
I don't exactly know what to say. This site is now 3 years old, and is certainly my best way to tribute to a great artist that i met only once, back in 1994...
Music pieces likes Deathwish and Catastrophe Balled had so much impact on me that i had to express something somewhere sometimes.
In 1999, as Valor continued to exhibe his Christian Death avatar (and even continues now), i began to write down a few pages which were a biography in french, for Rozz's listenners. My friend Erick then, provided his amazing pictures of Daucus Karota gig in Bordeaux in novemeber 1994, which is still the core of this tribute site. Then, a few things added, The Blue Hour was put online the first time on February 2000. I hope you still like it friends !

Rozz you are deeply missed.

Thank you Haloe, John, Erick, Marc+Marc and Jorge for your support and help.

Don't forget to visit rozznet these day. It have a lot of things to offers http://rozznet.com/april1st/foolsday.htm

05 february 2003
> 2 Williams on one release : Accept the gift of sin
On October 26 1996, Rozz Williams performed with David E. Williams part of the Dark Harvest Festival II. Entitled Accept the gift of sin, this will be released on cd this february by Triple X records.
The set includes Cavity, When I Was Bed, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Beautiful Brownshirted Man, I’m Not in Love, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Mindfuck (Soundtrack to a Murder).
Visit David E. Williams page for more >

Also, visit
Dead Horses Riddles http://www.blurty.com/users/absentia/, a Rozz Williams Community, owned by Haloe well known for being the webmaster of The Phantom's Bed, one of the greatest site about Rozz.

> Dark Vinyl continue to release hard to find Rozz Williams material.
The out-of-print Premature Ejaculation CD, Assertive Discipline will be rereleased by Dark Vinyl with a new alternate cover provided by RozzNet. This cd will additionally be distributed by Hollows Hill in the USA.

29 december 2002 > The Tongue Achieves The Dialect CD/LP
At last, i get my copy of the cd version of the RW tribute. As previously said, the artwork and tracklist are different from the LP version. The artwork is nice, apart for the inlay booklet, too minimal to my opinion. Some comments on/from the bands and their interrest in Rozz would have been appreciated here... But the essential is here : the music.

After 2 listenning, i would say it's a pleasant piece to listen, and give some of my favorites tracks :

Omewenne, with an original composition on Rozz lyrics.
Crush Violets and Gitane DeMone for a magical electronical duet.
Insanasomnia for a surprising french version of 'Figurative Theatre' (!).
Human Disease has ressurectionned Rozz voice for a brilliant 'In Absentia', very close to the orignal.
I WILL I for a strange and atmospheric track, close to Rozz Spoken Words.
Heaven Falls Hard and Audra offers good interpretations too.
Now is the recap for both version :

CD version
1. In Winds of Time My Body - Omewenne
2. Stairs/Prayer - Galaxxy Chamber
3. Cervix Couch - Crush Violets featuring Gitane Demone
4. Dream For Mother - Stone 588
5. Theatre Figuratif - Insanasomnia
6. Into The Light - Silvery
7. Deathwish - Casual
8. In Absentia - Human Disease
9. Relax The Word - I WILL I
10. Red Handed - Micharel
11. Epitaph - Kiss The Blade
12. Figurative Theatre - Antiworld
13. Stairs - Contradiction
14. Desperate Hell - Heaven Falls Hard
15. The Glass House - Audra
16. System of a Non Union - Allotropy Exhibition
17. The Devil and Mr. Williams - MKA

2xLP version
1. In Winds of Time My Body - Omewenne
2. Forever Came Today - Aura Navarre
3. In Absentia - Human Disease
4. Stairs/Prayer - Galaxxy Chamber
5. Face - Monarchs of Eden
6. Into The Light - Silvery
7. Epitaph -Kiss The Blade
8. Deathwish - Casual
9. Stairs - Contradiction
10. Dream for Mother - Stone 588
11. The Angels - Necromantik Sunshine
12. Bruised - The Other Flesh featuring No Festival of Light
13. Spectre - Funeral in Berlin
14. Romeo's Distress - Ciril
15. Love Lies - Veronica's Veil
16. December 31st, 1334 - Fate Fatal & Gitane Demone
17. The Devil and Mr. Williams - MKA

21 november 2002 > Googlism : Rozz Williams
Try it here > http://www.googlism.com
And i was curious to know the answers when typing the name of the person we know...
here are some results.

rozz williams is infamous for forming christian death
rozz williams is christian death
rozz williams is a fake trent reznor
rozz williams is gone
rozz williams is sequestered away in the arid southwest
rozz williams is a man of a million words
rozz williams is a huge influence on my life
rozz williams is not part
rozz williams is at far left
rozz williams is a god
rozz williams is dead
rozz williams is forever
rozz williams is not known to have ever made negative comments about the appearance or knowledge of any of his fans

8 november 2002 > Let's skirt the issue...
Unto Ashes offers an exquisite neo-Baroque cover of Christian Death/Rozz Williams' "Cavity - First Communion". It was recorded in 1999 and submitted to the Rozz Tribute, but was not placed on the record. This song is now available for free download via mp3.com. Get it here > http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/128/unto_ashes.html

Some other Unto Ashes songs are also available for download. One year ago, i got their cd "Moon Oppose Moon". I must say i like this one. Especially just after dawn.

6 november 2002 > ...with the power skull secrets of forgotten years...
Bon anniversaire Rozz !
A little overview of
The Tongue Achieves The Dialect tribute LP

10 october 2002

Not really new, but here is a rather complete (and interesting) review of the Christian Death Live DVD
...and since september rozznet has a french version ! http://rozznet.com/fr

september 2002 > 2 releases by german label Dark Vinyl !!
Last july, Dream Home Heartache was re-released on CD and for the first time on vinyl (limited to 399 copies and with one unreleased bonus track : Manic Depression (mixed by Ken Thomas). The artwork is similar to the previous 1995 CD version, but with no lyrics.

And mid-august the "first part" of the Rozz Williams tribute was launched : The double LP The Tongue Achieves The Dialect will be followed by the CD version in november 6, which will have different tracklist and artwork...
go here > http://rozznet.com/tribute.html to have the complete tracklists and infos for both versions.

april 2002 > Rozz Williams tribute : The Tongue Achieves The Dialect
The Rozz tribute has now a title !
Well let's hope we'll hear the tunes soon...
Rozznet (which have a nice new navigation design) talk about a launch in Europe by German label Dark Vinyl in two versions: a cd with 17 tracks and a vinyl edition limited to 300 copies, with alternative tracks. The songs are played by Gitane DeMone, Crush Violets, Antiworld, Stone 588 and Human Disease among others.


april 2002 > The short film PIG has been released on DVD
The DVD includes 21 minutes of bonus footage, including: commentary by Nico B., memorial video, photo gallery with bonus audio, and a 40 page booklet of Why God Permits Evil, created by Rozz (plus more!). The DVD is available through

november 2001 > Christian Death Live DVD !
The video Christian Death Live 1993 (Rozz final performance with original Christian Death members) is being re-released by Cleopatra and Music Video Distributors on DVD. The DVD will be released on November 20th, and includes a new cover provided by Rozznet. The DVD also features a photo gallery and 2 previously un-released Premature Ejaculation track

Tracklist :
Excommunicamus - Cavity - Figurative Theatre - Cry Baby - Dream For Mother - Deathwish - Some Men The Other - Mysterium Iniquitatis - Kill Your Sons - Stairs - Spiritual Cramp - Resurrection - Sleepwalk - Romeo's Distress - Dogs.

april 2001
> More on the Rozz Williams tribute CD
Well not big news, but Rozznet is still planning to release it this year. They currently have 25 cover track submissions. the DEADLINE for bands submissions is August 15, 2001. check http://rozznet.com/tribute.html to have more infos and have a look of bands taking part in this project.

february 2001 > Available until the 1 April 2001 a limited cd of Shadow Project
Haloe Productions is releasing Shadow Project's radio session from KXLU Studios in Los Angeles, in 1991. This recording has been circulated among tape-traders for several years, and it was of the utmost poorest quality. The session has been enhanced, noise-reduced as much as possible and recorded to compact disc to make this limited offering. It will only be available until April 1rst, 2001, after which no more copies will be made.

> Location & Date: KXLU Radio Session, Los Angeles 1991
> Total Running Time: 34 Minutes 20 Seconds
> Format: Imation Cd-R
> Setlist: Lying Deep . Death Plays His Role . Penny In A Bucket . Working On Beyond . Under Your Wing . When The Heart Breaks . Holy Hell . Into The Light . Knight Stalker

$10 (ten dollars) from each sale will benefit the Rozz Williams Memorial, to help preserve his place in Hollywood Cemetary. For more details on this memorial, please visit RozzNet http://rozznet.com

january 2001
> a Rozz Williams exhibition
If you're lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area, Rozznet http://rozznet.com has announced the date for a Rozz Williams exhibit at The Museum of Death located in Hollywood :
The museum will start showing the exhibit in the main room on the night of February 2nd 2001. There will be an "opening party" that night with drinks and perhaps a live band. The exhibit will run until April 1st 2001, and after that there will be a smaller permanent Rozz display. While there may be a few of Rozz's art pieces for viewing on the opening night, this exhibit will NOT be an ART exhibit, it will be a DEATH exhibit, and will include the door that Rozz hung himself from. The Museum of Death is NOT for the faint of heart or children! (bring your children at your OWN discretion)

january 2001 > Gitane DeMone has now her own site http://gitanedemone.com
This site is at it's infant stage right now, but you can find all the latest news and tour dates for upcoming shows, plus there are videos of brand new songs available for download. Some upcoming additions will include Gitane original artwork and writings. There will also be a limited edition CD available from Gitane Demone.com

june 2000 > Rozznet will release a Rozz Williams tribute CD in 2001

All proceeds from the sale of this CD shall go towards a Headstone for Rozz at The Hollywood Cemetary. Contributing bands are amongst others: Black tape For a Blue Girl, Gitane Demone, Kommunity FK, Audra, Deep Eynde...

march 2000 > The Art of Rozz Williams - The book !
Edited by Nico B. featuring lyrics, discographies, performance history and hundreds of photos of CHRISTIAN DEATH, SHADOW PROJECT, PREMATURE EJACULATION, ROZZ WILLIAMS solo, HELTIR, EXP, BLOODFLAG, PIG, DEATHFLUX + original ARTWORK and POETRY & WRITINGS
246 pages, color and b&w, softbound.
The first 1000 copies include a 4-track CD by Rozz Williams.

Read my review about it here
Visit http://rozznet.com for ordering and details.

march 2000 > Rozz Williams live in Berlin
Out on Triple X records
. Recorded in Berlin
Pfefferberg, 19 october 1993
These tracks predate Daucus Karota and represent Rozz Williams at his most driving and hard rocking.

Tracklist :
Love Lies, Sunken Rags, Red Handed, 2 steps, Nothing, Lord of the Flies, World inside, Working on Beyond, The Stranger, Days of Glory.
Four songs are missing from this show : Deathwish, Nostalgia, Spiritual Cramp, Dogs

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